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Business Planning and Monitoring

Please be informed that Foster Raffan Compliance Division was acquired by Vistra in May 2017. As a result, these services are now provided by Vistra Foster Raffan. To find out more about Vistra, please click here.

At Vistra Foster Raffan, our knowledge of our clients' businesses and personal goals puts us in an excellent position to assist management with business planning and monitoring their performance.  Our involvement in these activities gives even more insight into our clients' businesses and brings us even closer to them.

Some of the things we do in this area:

  • Business planning
  • Analyse the financial position and performance of the business, including a sensitivity analysis and "what ifs" to determine the effect of various assumptions on profitability, cash flow and shareholder value
  • Prepare budgets of monthly profit, cash flow and financial position
  • Set up and prepare meaningful monthly management accounts